About Rachael

I was a road/pavement runner for 10 years before I set foot on a dirt trail in November 2016. To say I had a rough start was an understatement. I sprained my ankle in the first month and hated crossing frigid streams – overall it felt awful and I hated every bit of it!

Fast forward three and a half years later, with multiple ultra races under my belt, I couldn’t imagine my life without trail running. It centers me and challenges me and it’s one thing that keeps me sane in this crazy world.

I’ve met some wonderful friends as a result of trail running – friends I couldn’t imagine my life without. I’ve had the most incredible experiences at trail races….and eaten some of THE best vegan food 🙂

However, I continue to be incredibly disappointed with the lack of representation in trail running magazines and marketing materials. Black and brown people are pretty much invisible in the world of trail running.

So this blog serves to change that. It’s about highlighting the accomplishments of black and brown female trail runners and inspiring others to join our tribe!

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