Tales from a Triathlete – Shuntae’s Journey

How long have you been a trail runner?

Less than 6 months

What inspired you to start trail running?

I am mostly a triathlete and road runner, but seeing all the fun my friends had out on the trails got me curious. So far, I’ve really enjoyed it!

How has trail running impacted your life? What has it taught you about yourself?

I find myself appreciating the outdoors in a very different way and truly being present.

What is one myth about trail running that you would like to dispel?

It’s not nearly as intimidating as I thought it would be…it’s a wonderful feeling of freedom and low pressure.

What is your favorite trail?

I haven’t explored very many just yet, but my favorite so far has been Little Gunpowder Falls

What is your next trail running adventure?

For right now, I’m just looking forward to exploring new trails with friends…but in the (near) future, I hope to do a 50k!

What is your favorite trail running gear and why?

So far, it’s my shoes – the Brooks Cascadia 14! They’re comfortable, and the adjustment between them and my road shoes was easy.

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